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Neat Notes - Buy now! (Notes Organizer)Neat Notes 2005 - Your Personal Information Manager!

This program works as a notebook and password manager with hierarchical tree-like structure of organization. Now all your notes will be under your fingertips! Neat Notes 2005 can store information containing URL, text, tables, or graphs. The tree-like structure helps to quickly locate the information you need. Built-in notes editor will help you format your text in the editor style of MS Word with full support of tables, paragraphs, lists, fonts, fills, and alignment. All information is encrypted and can be secured with a password and protected from accidental deleting. This will allow you to save private information like passwords, credit card numbers, addresses, and telephone numbers.

Main Features:

Unlimited quantity of input notes
Password manager with hierarchical tree-like structure
Password and login random generator
Each note can contain up to 10 additional pages (like the multi-sheets tabs in Excel)
Full support of language encoding and Unicode. You can type your notes in multiple languages and use special characters
Full support unicode characters in tree titles
Capability to write from right to left (as in Arab language)
Multi-featured, MS Word-like editor that supports:

  • working with paragraphs and tabs
  • simple and numerated lists
  • tables of variety of sizes and inputs
  • note imaging BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, EMF, WMF, and ICO
  • automatic recognition of URL links starting with http:// and ftp://, as well as email addresses
  • encrypting text when saving
You can use any background color and fills or an image in BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, EMF, WMF, or ICO formats
The size of notes is not limited
All information is saved in encrypted form
Stored information is compressed, saving space on your hard drive. The text file can be compressed down to 20-30% of its original size
Any note or a group of notes can be protected by a password, eliminating unauthorized access to your information
You can work on several different notebooks at the same time
The interface with a modern look supports Windows XP theme and allows you to select a different theme
Intuitive, user-friendly interface is easy to use
Importing the following formats: RTF, HTML, HTX, OTM, WRI, DOC, TXT, XML
Exporting the following formats: RTF, HTML, TXT, TXT Unicode, DOC (MS Winword), XML
Create and insert a new OLE object. The OLE object can be embedded or linked
Paste OLE objects from the Windows clipboard
Ability to remember last 12 notebooks you worked on
Printing with preview
Keys-shortcuts to open and close program, as well as to minimize to the tray
Marking important notes with two colors of flags: red and green
Marking notes as "parked" to prevent accidental deleting. You can't delete such notes until the "parking" flag is off
Capability to visually design your tree of notes. For each note you can arrange:
  • fonts with different styles (Bold, Underline, Italic)
  • color of the font and the background
  • size of the font and the height of the note
  • header on several lines
  • personal icon showing two different identifiers for each note

All information in the notebook is saved in one compressed file, which makes copying and moving it easy
Capability to minimize the application to the system tray

Neat Notes - Buy now! (Tray PIM) Neat Notes 2005 is a shareware. You will be able to use the evaluation version available for download during a limited period (30 days), after what you will have to buy the full version to continue to use Neat Notes 2005.


Download free trial (neatnotes2005.exe) Neat Notes 2005Neat Notes 2005 can be used free of charge for 30 days. Click here to obtain the trial version. FREE TRIAL Version is FULLY FUNCTIONAL.


Version 2.61 (20 August 2005)

+ Added: Keyboard shortcut for the node properties [Ctrl-F12]

+ Added: Dates templates for rename the current node (via popup menu)

* Fixed bug with shortcut [Delete] for nodes tree (delete nodes / delete char in editing mode)

Version 2.6 (06 August 2005)

+ You can use removable media to store your data. This allows you to copy your notes and the program itself to your flash drive and work with them on any computer. Your notebook files can be opened from the folder of neat notes executable file. It works in this way: As the program started, it searches for your notebook files *.nb in its folder. If found it opens them all. If this folder contains a file with your password data, this file is used. Otherwise a new file is created. The file of current options of the program (options.ini) will be created in the same folder as well. If notebook files *.nb are absent from the folder of executable file, the program is looking for your notebook files in "...\My Documents\Neat Notes\" folder. Registered users should copy their licence key to the folder of executable file before working with flash drive. In order to work with the program on your flash drive, you should copy files "neatnotes.exe, pswbase.dat, *.nb, *.keynn". to any folder on your flash drive.

+ You can insert several images at once. For example you can select all the graphic files in specified folder then copy them all to your notebook. All graphic is stored in original format. Before saving to the media it is compressed by ZIP algorithm and coded like other data.

+ You can export images from your notes to the files in their original file format. You can save specified picture or all pictures from selected note to certain folder. So you can store several images like icons, screenshots in your notes and extract them in their original format without any conversion.

+ You can see the caption of your note in the password dialog.

+ Temporary pocket shows non-printed characters.

* When started the last used note is selected

Version 2.5 (23 May 2005)

+ Added: loading and saving PNG images in RTF
+ Added: Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down scroll the document down/up instead of moving caret
+ Added: loading indents of bullets&numbering from RTF saved by MS Word
* Improved: support for the word joiner Unicode character (code $2060)
* Improved: much faster loading and reformatting
* Fixed: background image was stretched with low quality
* Fixed: saving bullets in HTML
* Fixed: reading Unicode text from some RTF files
* Fixed: RTF export
* Some small fixes and improvements

Get A lifetime license:
You will only need to buy once, and will get free updates forever!

Frequently Asked Questions (Personal Information manager)Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How to create a new notebook?
  2. How to open an existing notebook?
  3. How to move a notebook to a different computer or to send it to a friend or business partner?
  4. How to change the interface theme of the program?
  5. How to create a password on a note or on a group of notes to eliminate unauthorized access to the information?
  6. How can I quickly insert current date and time into the note?
  7. What do these icons mean in the tree of notes?
  8. How can I quickly remove the "parking" symbol from the parent note and from all the child notes?
  9. How to change the background in the note tree? Can I use an image from a file as a background?
  10. How can I change the background of the columns with flags and the "parking" symbol?
  11. How can I change the style of the header? How to change the header icon?
  12. How to minimize the program to system tray (area near the computer clock)?
  13. How to create a shortcut to minimize and maximize the program on the screen?
  14. How to add a new note sheet?
  15. How to rename the note sheets and where can I find out their size?
  16. How to change the order of the note tree?
  17. How can I quickly hide/display the notes tree?
  18. I want the note tree to show on the right. How can I do that?
  19. There is a URL in my note text. How can I open this URL in the web browser?
  20. I would like my new notes to be created with a certain font and the background. Where can I set this up?
  21. I have a trial version of "Neat Notes 2005" installed on my computer. Will I get any additional features after registering?
  22. How can I register "Neat Notes 2005"?
  23. I'm a registered user of your program. I want to install the new version of "Neat Notes 2005". How much is it and do I receive any discounts?
  24. I downloaded the new version of "Neat Notes 2005". How do I install it to make sure that all the projects I created with the old version are still available?
  25. I lost my registration key. Do I have to pay for the program again or can I get my key sent to me for free?

Neat Notes 2005 Awards:
Your product "Neat Notes 2005" has been tested by the Softpedia labs and found to be completely clean of adware/spyware components. We are impressed with the quality of your product and encourage you to keep this high standards in the future.
Your product Neat Notes 2005 has been awarded by us with 5 stars and SoftPedia Pick Award ! Category: Office tools - Diary, Organizers, Calendar.
Software products awarded a 5 star rating were found, among other factors, to be presented as a high quality application with an excellent range of functions, and of good value for money for the end user
Security PIM: Shareware Rating 5 Star Awards
Neat Notes 2005 earns daolnwod network 5 Stars Awards
Personal Information Manager category - Neat Notes has been awarded 5 stars
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Your Tree Notes Organizer - 5/5 rating
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Neat Notes 2005 has been awarded by our editor.
Rating:  5/5
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Your software has been awarded 5 Star rating by our editors
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Neat Notes 2005, has received a 5 Star Rating at
Downloads3000 staff decided to rate "Neat Notes 2005" with 5 stars.
Neat Notes 2005 has received 5-star rating. Congratulations!  

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Main window
Personal Information manager

Theme - Office 2003 blue
Tray Notes Organizer

Theme - Office 2003 yellow
PIM (Tray Notes Software)

Notes tree
Notes Tree Notebook

Notes properties
Notes properties

Program preferences
Notes organizer software

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